The Shipping and Forwarding Agents’ Association of Zimbabwe (SFAAZ) elected a new management board on October 28, 2010. The Chief Executive Officer of SFAAZ, Mr Joseph Musariri, confirmed the new board in a letter to the ZIMRA Commissioner General, Mr GT Pasi.

Mr Phanuel Gukwe of Combi ne Cargo is now the new Board Chairman and the elected Vice Chairman is Mr Felix Nyaruwanga of Freight World. Other board members who were re-elected are Mr Elwyn Mudungwe of Speedlink Cargo; Mr Caesar Bare of Freight Solutions; Mr Willard Mushove of Vision Freight Services; Mrs Sheila Mashiri of Allen, Wack and Shepherd; Mr Felix Mandishona of Makiman Cargo, and Mr Steven Mafarachisi of Customs Services. Mr Juren Mtemeli of Cilo Freight and Mr Nelson Matare of Earthwind Freight are the newly elected board members.

SFAAZ - whose motto is “Setting the Standard in Freight” - is an umbrella board for clearing agents in the country. Clearing agents play an important role in the facilitation of trade and travel by assisting in the clearance of commercial cargo and giving advice to importers and exporters.