The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Human Resources and Administration Division donated generously to Ivordale Celebrated Children’s Home on Saturday November 5, 2010 as part of its annual social responsibility programme to the home which has since been adopted by ZIMRA.

Among the donated goods purchased with money contributed by staff members from their pockets were soya chucks, dilutable drinks, potatoes, cleaning detergents, hard brooms, cartons of royco usavi mix, bath soap, laundry soap and many other essentials to help keep the home running.

Speaking at the occasion, Acting Commissioner for Human Resources and Administration Mr Andrew Marisa said ZIMRA was happy to plough back to the community of Ivordale which one day could spring up CEOs, MDs and rulers from the children who are sheltered there. The Ivordale administration thanked ZIMRA for its continued support for the home and said the prospect of a ZIMRA visit always brought excitement among the children.

Each of the ZIMRA staff members present paired up with a “son” or a “daughter” and spent the rest of the day with them. ZIMRA Procurement Manager Mr Tembo Taimu who was accompanied by his wife suddenly found himself with two more “sons”. Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Mr Taungana Ndoro began to tutor his “adopted” son Kuda on how to take photographs with the high-powered 10-mega pixel 1000D Canon camera. Having quickly learned the ropes Kuda captured 75% of the pictures for this event most of which were very professional.

It was a marvel to see the thriving greenhouse project which ZIMRA aided to revamp earlier this year. The greenhouse was laden with ripe and ripening tomatoes in a clear show of the success of sustainable development corporate social responsibility programme that ZIMRA has embarked on. In this case ZIMRA gave a fishing rod (greenhouse) and not the fish (tomatoes) and as such Ivordale Children’s Home is able to sustain itself now and in the future.

The children at Ivordale are taught to play the violin, a type of musical instrument like a guitar with four strings and played with a bow. There are also taught to play marimba, which is the equivalent of an African piano. At intervals, the talented children treated ZIMRA to some beautiful acoustic marimba music and some sweetie violin music. The composure and expertise with which they play these instruments reflects on the levels of comfort with which the home takes care of them courtesy of ZIMRA and other well wishers.

ZIMRA last year adopted Ivordale Celebrated Children’s Home which joined other ZIMRA adopted homes such as Jairos Jiri, Mucheke Old Peoples Home, King George in Bulawayo among others. Ivordale was also a beneficiary of the ZIMRA Charity Ball proceeds of 2009 which included blankets, cooking oil, soap, beans, soya chunks and mealie meal.