Favoured with instruction from the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Millenium Auctions will be conducting Customs Rummage Sale at Chiredzi Customs House.

Viewing                                Thursday 27 April 2017

Sale Date                              Friday 28 April 2017

Time                                      1000hrs





Isuzu Platform Deck Chs#TL;A2305777401A, 1 x Canon Baggage trailer (white) Chs#AAQT17500EMZMM1551; REG # DH79TKGP



2 x refrigeration tubes; 15 x motor cycle chains, 10 boxes x 24 x 1kg green bar soap, 8 boxes x 24 x 1kg Greenbrite soap;6 boxes x Sona soap; 1 x chip fryer; 1 x ECCO SA 200 solar panel (1750x680x35mm), 19 x pairs worn shoe, 3x 2kg MAQ, 6x 500g MAQ, 24x MAQ 2kg satchets, 15 x handbags; 21 x pairs footwear;1 x jumpsuit; 1 x grey tracksuit; 1 x jersey, 12 x 2 litres D'Lite cooking oil, 1 box x 4 x 3kg carton surf, 20 x 2 kg Sunlight washing powder, 2kg x 8 MAQ washing powder, 12x 2L D'lite cooking oil, 3x 8x 2kg MAQ washing powder; 2x 24x1kg Britelite soap, 16x12x2l cooking oil; 5x4x5l cooking oil; 4x12x750ml cooking oil; 6x12x375ml cooking oil; 1x6x6x500g box MAQ, 10x24x1kg washing soap; 2x12x2l D'Lite cooking oil 8x 2l bottles cooking oil, 10x 10 brown sugar; 6x 2kg MAQ washing powder; 10x12x375ml cooking oil, 12x2l D'lite cooking oil; 12x750ml D'lite cooking oil,  28x24x1kg Brite wash soap bars, 1x6 packs x 10 x300g Sona; 1x25x450g packet of candles; 13 x 12 x375ml D'lite cooking oil; 8x2l cooking oil; 8x5x250g MAQ washing powder; 10x1kg Sunlight washing powder; 8x2kg MAQ washing powder, 10x24x1kg bars Brite wash, 28x10 Sona soap ,  10 x boxes Greenbrite pure soap, 24x boxes Greenbrite pure soap, 260x2kgs MAQ washing powder, 12 boxes (12x2l) D’Lite cooking oil, 9x20x1kg Cremora, 56x2kg MAQ washing powder; 96x1kg MAQ washing powder, 100 X 2kg MAQ washing powder; 22 X 2kg OMO washing powder; 24 X 2kg Sunlight washing powder; 72x2l cooking oil; 4x12x750ml cooking oil; 6x12x375ml cooking oil; 3x12x1kg MAQ washing powder, 4x 6 x 500g MAQ washing powder; 1x12x5x150g MAQ washing powder, 168x2kg MAQ washing powder; 22x12x2l cooking oil; 5x DSTV Explorer decoder; 4x boxes Nivea roll on; 40x12x410g baked beans; 29x8x2kg MAQ washing powder; 5x boxes Frimax chips, 18 satchels; 63x4x6 Gentle Magic skincare serum; 20x8x6 Gentle Magic cream; 33x9x6x Gentle Magic soap; 38x6x6 Gentle Magic lotion, 4*12*375ml D'lite cooking oil, 2*12*1kg MAQ washing powder, 4*8*2kg MAQ washing powder, 10*8*2kg  MAQ washing powder, 32*8*2kg MAQ washing powder, 19*12*150g Frimax, 5* Ecco speakers, 19* Dragon drinks, 1*12*2L drink, 28 x 1kg MAQ washing powder, 8 packets, 1 pack Jumbo plates, 38 x 1kg Cremora, 45 cases baked beans, 29x 2 Kg MAQ washing powder, 20 x 2 litres D'Lite cooking oil, 18 x 375ml x 12 D'lite cooking oil, 750ml x 12 Dlite cooking oil, 8 x Ecco M13328 electric oven; 22 Ecco M13335 electric oven;12 x Ecco M9992 home theatre system; 3 x Ecco Ow-88-123 USB speakers; 60 Ecco ECK9J DVD players; 20 x Roc King DL 877 DVD player; 1 x Ecco 2384 radio; 22 x Roc-King 18" stand fan; 2 x Ecco 18" stand  fan; 24 x Ecco D176 2 plate stove; 13 x Roc-King DL0230 gas stove; 3 x Ecco MV 8889 home theatre system; 3 x Roc-King 16" fan; 2 x Ecco EC2188 21" colour television; 4 x Ecco EC3890 portable sterio system; 2 x Polestar PA-936 speakers; 3 x Ecco SHS 1207 solar lighting system;1 x Ecco LH43 43" LED TV; 5 x Ecco LH32 32" D-LED TV; 2 x Ecco LC20 11" LED TV; 2 x Ecco LC17 17" LLD TV, 6x50kg bags cement, 25kgs worn clothing, 7x boxes  Britelite washing soap, 635 x 10 pack bath soap (Sona & Pearls)

Conditions of Sale


Refundable deposit of US$500 on Goods and US$2000 on Motor Vehicles is required to obtain a buyer’s card and is refundable if all sale conditions are met.


Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.


Forth coming Rummage Auction Sales

  1. Gweru                        4 May 2017
  2. Mutare                        10 May 2017


For more information, please contact the Auctioneers at No. 6. St. Georges Road, Ardbennie, Harare.


Cell: 0772 288 418,    0772 686 858, 0775 639 706, 04-620550