Favoured with instruction from the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Millenium Auctions will be conducting Customs Rummage Sale at Harare, Rajiv Gandhi Hall.

Viewing                                 Thursday 18 May 2017

Sale Date                               Friday 19 May 2017

Time                                       1000hrs




Mazda Etude 160i  RED  YEAR-1995  REG# - 554-899A    CHS#AFAAMGB41AR048367, Mazda MPV S/Wagon, white  year-2000 Chs - Lwew- 106675  Eng - Fs-705871 Reg# Abh1372, M/Benz E240 colour-silver Reg# Abo5609 Chs#Wdb2100622b266643, 1*Nissan 7 Ug780 Truck  Chs# 34178   Eng# Db39600058004412    colour-white     Reg# Abb5420, 1*Honda Stepwagon    Chs#Rf2-1227071  Eng#B20b-  Colour-Silver Reg# Abx7379, 1*M/Benz E240  1998  Reg# Acy3869  colour-silver grey  Chs# Adb2100616a725085 Eng#11291162255042, 1*Hyundai Sonata Reg#Yf5882gp Chs#Kmhdf31pprmk9346, 1*BMW 318 Sedan year-2000 colour-blue  Chs#Abmcd78010ah40539   Reg#Rbk766gp   Eng#0009b593, 1*Toyota Vitz, 1995 Toyota Corolla, 1998 Toyota Corolla Spacio.



4* Forever Red perfumes ; 1* infinity perfume ;3* cases gentle magic skincare oil; 5* packs gentle magic, skincare creams ; 3* packs gentle magic skincare lotions; 1* pack gentle magic serum; 6* packs axe anti perspirant sprays; 4* packs Adidas body sprays; 2* packs Adidas roll on; 3* packs Nivea anti perspirant sprays; 4* packs Nivea roll ons; 3* power house anti persipirant sprays; 1* power house roll on; 2* packs English Blazer sprays (6x200ml); 2* packs English Blazer sprays (6x125ml); 1* Hotty Tortty body spray; 4* Hotty Tortty roll on; 1* Varlley sprays, 25* tonnes steel round iron bars, 1* used gold hammer crusher, 1* used Lathe machine, 1* Kinshofer brick grab used, 3* agriculture roller plough, 709* televisions black and white 14", 01* engine pump, 01* makeup kit, fishing rod, sweets and teddy, clothes, books and candy, toys + 3,56kgs clothes, food stuff (chocolates & moutarde), tooth brushes, banner band book, earphones, light hoodie, supplement wristband, 0.628kgs clothing, camera, 12* DVDs, toys, 41* books, pencils, rubber bands, bags 4* crayons, hobby material, 24 nipple water, 0,295kgs clothing, used Huawei phone, 04* DVDs, 01* hand bag, 0.44kgs jacket, 0.566kgs dresses, 0.755kgs jacket, compact mirrors + gift cards, Ostomy supplies, groceries Chinese Yuntab tablet-electronic gadget, 20* alarms, 132.58kgs clothing, 9.86kgs clothing, 01* Lumia phone, 01* Lumia Nokia phone, 1.325kgs hood, 2.035kgs clothes, 08* silicon bras, 04* fuel injectors, 12* sachets herbal tea,01* Hcg drops, curtains and juice, 13.96kgs clothing, 01* Samsung Chinese phone, 45 x t-shirts, 1x costume, 1 x lace undergarment, 1x key chain, 2 x massage tools, 3x pieces containing clothing x 81 kg, home theater, 6x pairs shoes, I handbag, 1 x  Sansui TV, 6 pieces containing ceramic tiles, steel rods, steel bolts, clothing x 14kg, 2 x pieces containing mountable table, tripod, flyers, cards, 2x pieces clothing 18 kgs, 12 x pairs shoes, 1 x umbrella, keyboard mouse, kitchenware, toys, camera, speaker, book, DVD, empty sacks,  32' sharp TV, microwave oven, candles, used clothes x 95kg, used shoes, box handbags x 11kg,1 box suits 13kgs mannequins x2 boxes, 9 pieces containing clothes used x 126kgs, shoes x 75 pairs, toys, stationery, used clothes x57kg, 55x footwear, 26 kg clothing, toiletries, 1 x observation drone, books, clothing x 5kg, toiletries, chaffing dishes, 1 x bag electronic equipment, 1x vacuum cleaner, clothing  10 kg, 16 pairs used shoes, 2x drum clothing-50kgs, 250 plastic  pouches, interactive outdoor display, 48 mineral soap, 48 mud soaps, 117 Linglong tyres, 207 by 25 bags copolymers, 1300 plastic bags, 16x boxes digital lighting kit solar charging system, 10 x packs locks, 3* guitars, 69.12 square metres*18 pallets tiles, 18*100r20, 44*235/75r17.5,4*275/70r16, 21*215/R16c, 220*185/R14c, 1320*195/R15c,136*215/75r17.5,491*195/14c tyres, 150*195R15C, 150*195r14c, 100*155r12c mirage tyres.


And many more smalls too numeral to mention.

Conditions of Sale

Refundable deposit of US$500 on Goods and US$2,000 on motor vehicles is required to obtain a buyer’s card and is refundable if all sale conditions are met.


Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.

Forthcoming Rummage Auction Sales

Chirundu                                 27 May 2017

Nyamapanda                           2 June 2017

Masvingo                                8 June 2017


For more information, please contact the Auctioneers at No. 6. St. Georges Road, Ardbennie, Harare.


Cell: 0772 288 418,  0772 686 858, 0775 639 706, 04-620550