Duly instructed by the Acting Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). Millenium Auctions will be conducting a Customs Rummage Sale at Masvingo Civic Centre.

Viewing                                Wednesday 7 June 2017

Sale Date                              Thursday 8 June 2017

Time                                       1000hrs


Vehicles to be viewed at Zvishavane

1 x 1990 Mazda 323, 1 x 2010 Toyota Avanza, 2000 BMW 3200 White ADF7122.

Vehicle to be viewed at Masvingo Civic Centre

2016 accident damaged Isuzu


Masvingo Goods

5 Quartz watches, 14*sweat pants, 9*skinny jeans, 2*jackets,1*sweat jacket, 9* Britelite bar soap (24*1kg), 14 boxes washing soap, 10 boxes Greenbriwe washing soap, 49*boxes of Britelite washing soap (24kg*49),   1* (12*1 litre) case Fusion drinks, 1 * box (6*10*300g) Sona bath soap, 126 boxes Britelite soaps, 27* packs woolen hats, 197 boxes Britelite soap (24x1kg), 52*2 in one handbags, 7*single inner handbags, 23*single handbags,   86 boxes washing soap, 155 boxes Britelite soaps, 38 boxes of Britelite soap - washing bars, 32 boxes of Britelite soap - washing bars, 20*boxes Britelite soap (24 bars/box), 8*boxes of Sati Skiny bubble bath (6*2l each), 17*boxes of Britelite soap (24*1kg each), 87 boxes of Britelite soap (24 bars per box), 102* boxes Britelite bar soap (24kg/box), 10*boxes of Pearls (6*10*300g each). received one box with four missing tablets, 2 boxes*12 irons, 16*ld/01 Ecco lighting system, 5*Ecco DVD players, 11*Omega sound speakers, 2*boxes*4 units Ecco portable sterio system, 51 *24*1kg laundry soap, 42 hair pieces, 30 boxes of Britelite soap - washing bars, 6 boxes washing soap, 43 boxes Britelite soap, 5 boxes Britelite soap (24*1kg), 5 boxes Britelite soap (24*1kg per box), 2 boxes Flower bath soap(6* 10*300g per box, 12*plastic tubs, 10* green bars # 183380 c, assorted clothing, 14 boxes washing soap (24*1kg), 11 boxes(24*1kg) Britelite soap, 5 plastic bag buckets large, 4 plastic dishes large, 2 boxes wash soap(24*1kg), 10*boxes Britelite bar soap,  13*3 set monarch suitcases, 18*bedcovers, 8*boxes robust (100 v exterior airvents), 31 toilet sets (31 cistens and 31 seats), 8 kitchen sinks, 33 boxes Britelite washing soap, 14 boxes candles, 5 packs loose candles, 2 boxes Flower bathing soap, 6 packs Flower bathing soap (10units), 50 packs sunlight (5*750ml), 4 boxes sunlight (5*5*750ml), 9 boxes counter books, 213 packs counter books (10units), 1 box food warmers , 1 box plumbing material, 10 boxes Britelite (24*1kg), 2 boxes Sona bath soap,  1 box Flower bath soap (2*6*310g), 11 plastic chairs, 4*large outdoor lamp (80v), 5*boxes Britewash, 13 boxes Britewash bar soap, 19 pairs footwear, 4*boxes Sona bath soap, 10* green bars, 1 comforter, 19 school jerseys (4kg), 200 boxes green bar soap( 24*1kg), 15 boxes candles (25*450g), 39*Sona bath soap (6*10*300g), 19*green bar soap24*1kg, 1* pearl beauty(6*10*300g), 10 cases pampers, 20*tennis shoes, 12*pumps, 5*sandals,   50 packs exercise books, 10*10*350g bath soap, 50 packs plastic bags, 74 boxes green bar washing soap, 50 boxes Pearl bath soap, 141 boxes Sona bath soap, 268 boxes Britelite soap, 7 boxes counter books (10*5), 2 boxes Dettol soap, 3 boxes candles, 1 box dinner plates, 1 iPhone.

Zvishavane Goods

2 x 6 x10 Sona bath soap, 1 x 24 x1kg Britelite washing soap, 2x6x10 Pearl bath soap, 8 x 6 x10 Sona bath soap, 3 x 24x1kg Greenbrite washing soap, 7 x 24 x1kg Britelite washing soap, 3 x boxes Britelite candles, 32*boxes Sona.


Conditions of Sale

Refundable deposit of US$500 on goods and US$2000 on motor vehicles is required to obtain a buyer’s card and is refundable if all sale conditions are met.


Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.

Forth coming Rummage Auction Sales

  • Chiredzi                     16 June  2017
  • Gweru                        28 June 2017


For more information, please contact the Auctioneers at No. 6. St. Georges Road, Ardbennie, Harare.


Cell: 0772 288 418, 0772 686 858, 0775 639 706