Duly instructed by the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Empire Auctions will conduct a Customs Rummage Sale for Mutare, Forbes and Mt Selinda at Mutare Customs House, on Wednesday 26 September 2018 starting at 1000hrs.


1 x 2001 Toyota Hilux double cab, 1 x 2010 Toyota Hilux; 1 x Toyota Hiace, 1 x Isuzu KB280 double cab, 1 x Mazda Bongo van, Toyota Raum, 1 x Toyota Vitz, 1 x Toyota Vitz, Toyota Noah, Toyota Ipsum, Nissan Terrano, Lifan motorcycle IF49 camel, motor cycle Lifo.



1989 Toyota Corolla, Toyota Nadia, 1* Toyota Vista, 1 x 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer, 2008 Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit.



1 x Mazda B series double cab, 1 x Mazda B2200, 1 x Toyota Spacio; 1 x Toyota Probox; 1 x Nissan 1400 Champ.


1 Supersonic 32 inch TV and 1 box Britelite soap, 2 x R14 Dunlop tyres and 1 Conic 5kg gas cylinder, 3762 x 72 page exercise books, 234 x 32 page exercise books, 437 x 2 Quire counter books, 10 x 3 Quire counter books, 6 packs of 3 Quire counter books, 91 packs of 2 Quire counter books, 91 packs of 2 Quire counter books, 123 packs of 72 page exercise books, 3 packs of 32 page exercise books, 48 x 400ml Nivea body cream, 50ml Nivea roll-on and 1 sack of Stumbo sweets, 1 x sack of Zambia cloth, 82x pairs of new footwear, 52 x pairs of new shoes, 6 x new laptop bags, and 24 x new pants (under garments), 338 x pairs of new footwear and 65x new satchels (import licence required), 79 x pairs of plastic sandals, 192 x pairs of plastic footwear, 10 x pairs of new shoes,12 x coffee mugs, 30 x dinner plates, 6 x dinner bowls and 4 boxes of spaghetti, 21 x pairs of new shoes, 6 x new satchels and 9 x pairs of slippers,10 x small new satchels, 41 x pairs of new shoes, 46 pairs of slippers, 4 packs of pants, 317 x plastic shoes, 8 x packs of belts, 5 x trousers, 3 x shorts, 6 x packs of pants, 25 x torches, 18 x car chargers, 1 x plastic with napkins and 298 x blue ball point pens, used toys, cellphone (used), sweets, hand cream, car parts, photobook, shoes, cartridge, led lights and ribbon, water cup, head dress, bracelets, soap, screen protector, tubes, jewelry, USB driver, kitchen tool, clothing, watches, chocolates, books, sample glass, 1 x pack of 10*50g curry powder, 1 x pack of 12*75g Colgate, 1 x pack of 12*100g Protex soap, 1 x pack of 10*300g Sona soap, 4 x 500g Cremora, 24 footwear sandals, 12 pairs footwear, 8* pairs footwear, 5*pairs sleepers, 41 *pairs footwear,12 pairs footwear, 20 braids, 12 * footwear, 60 pairs slippers, 2 packets underwear,12 Nokia 1280 phones, 6 satchel bags, 14 Zambia’s, 21 pairs of push, 37 pairs of push, 37 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of slippers, 4 t-shirts, 2 ladies skirts, 2 sealed boxes Tsunami, 20 bicycle pumps, 24 Zambia’s, 2 satchel bags, 1 box Tsunami,15 Nokia phones with batteries,17 cartons hacksaw blades,16 x 6 set China plates, 4 single China plates and 25 x 12 set table knives,4 * Vodacom cellphones,3 * rolls tyre rubber, 23 boxes of 360*50ml shoe polish,160*t shirts(48kgs), 380*caps,12*50kg bags Aluminum Sulphate, 20*boxes each containing 1440 pieces of AA size batteries Huatai, 145 Nokia 1280 phones and 121 Nokia batteries,11*it5600 cellphones (boxed), 30* Nokia cellphones (no batteries),15* Nokia cellphones (with batteries), 27*bl5c 1020mah batteries18x25kg bags rice, 10 x 450g yeast, 1 x box  green bar soap, 1x box spaghetti, 1 x box set silver pots (import permit - Agriculture), 4 x boxes Sabao; 2 x spaghetti; 1 x 10kg Marianna rice,1 box Sabao soap.



Tuesday, 25 September 2018 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs.


A refundable deposit of $2,000 for vehicles and$500 for goods is required to obtain a buyer’s card. Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at $20 per head.


Payment is strictly cash, transfer, swipe at the conclusion of the sale.

Forthcoming Rummage Sale Dates:

Nyamapanda-5 October 2018

Harare-19 October 2018

Masvingo-7 November 2018

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