The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has been working hand in hand with the Wildlife Management Authority in curbing smuggling of python skins, crocodiles and ivory products at all entry ports.


Measures that the Authority has put in place include boarder patrols, road blocks, site visits, post importation audits, scanners (baggage and palletised), physical searches, whistle blower initiative and cargo monitoring. Scanner equipment at the Harare

International Airport has effectively played a dual function of safeguarding revenue leakage which is (foreign currency and import duties) and ensuring the safety and security of the nation. These scanners have helped in confisticating animal skins and Ivory.

Animal products are smuggled out of the country by individuals or large organised groups who kill them illegally for their skins and furs. There are many cases of poaching which goes unreported; however ZIMRA officials and Wildlife Management Authority are working tirelessly to effectively curb the killing and exporting of these animals in the country.

The importation and exportation of animal skin, ivory and other goods like skin lightening products, cigarettes and drugs is prohibited and can only be possible under certain conditions such as the production of a relevant permit or licence. Permits are obtained from the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.