“As business, we commend ZIMRA for the hard work and tremendous strategic initiatives in revenue collection aimed at enhancing the country’s efforts for successful economic revival.” This was said by the President of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Mr Obert Sibanda, at the occasion of ZIMRA’s stakeholders’ breakfast meeting that was held on April 22, 2010 in Bulawayo.”


I feel greatly honoured to stand before you as Guest of

Honour to this important stake-holders breakfast

meeting,  which has become a permanent feature of

ZITF business, courtesy of our hosts, the Zimbabwe

Revenue Authority.

We come together for this  grand occasion during the

ZITF 2010 as we seek ways of working together as

industry and ZIMRA, to unlock our investment potential

as a nation focused on  charting a new path for

enhanced development.

I am grateful to ZIMRA for inviting me to be guest of

honour at this stake-holders breakfast meeting, which

I strongly believe presents a wonderful opportunity for

business to forge synergies with the Zimbabwe

Revenue Authority in striving to equip the national

treasury with adequate resources effective for

government operations.

As business, we commend ZIMRA for the hard work

and tremendous strategic  initiatives in revenue

collection aimed at enhancing the country’s efforts for

successful economic revival.

Latest reports on financial  resources coming through

the various tolling points nationwide reveal the practical

hard work that ZIMRA has invested to spearhead

national development projects persuading all

Zimbabweans to participate meaningfully.

The partnership between business and ZIMRA is

undoubtedly a strong base of influence in the quest for

success of the government-initiated resource

mobilisation strategy.

Let us be challenged to be  bound together by shared

expertise and passion for  the joint enterprise of

unlocking our investment  potential. As business we

value innovation and knowledge sharing and it is to our

advantage to create conditions for a partnership with

the revenue authority to flourish.

Strategic engagements of this nature and stature are

set to take the nation to greater heights and the

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority deserves all the praise

for being a leading Trojan horse in arranging this kind

of Stakeholders Breakfast Meeting.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is at business relationship

frameworks such as this Stakeholders Breakfast

Meeting where we get to  engage in constructive

dialogue to solve many of  challenging problems which

neither business nor ZIMRA can solve individually.

•  Critically, this interaction helps us to:

o  identify salient problems;

o  develop shared interpretations of the current

prevailing situation in Zimbabwe

o  generate joint frameworks to find long lasting

solutions and eventually control the situation.

•  It is at this juncture that I am reminded of the

motivation by the World Customs Organisation

Secretary General Mr Kunio Mikuriya that we must

stand together as business and the revenue

administration authority, as there is no alternative

other than cooperation between all those involved in

international trade - this is the key to development and

the engine which drives the global economy forward in

these early years of the 21st


•  The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, has

been closely monitoring the continuing crisis of the


world economy and is determined to stay vigilant

against any efforts that  may undermine the vital

endeavour to unlock the  investment potential for


•  Allow me to remind you that it is time for us to

aggressively improve performance and constructively

search for lasting partnerships with ZIMRA for the

benefit and development of the nation. Together, with

hope and resolve, we are capable of widening a

ground-breaking and vigorous approach to face the

challenges ahead.

•  The future for us as a nation is intricately interwoven

and rests squarely on our  drive to forge impermeable

alliances as business and the revenue authority.

•  I would like to take this opportunity to commend

ZIMRA for making it much easier for business to meet

its tax obligations by opening additional revenue

accounts with the various compliant financial

institutions in the country.

•  Ladies and gentlemen, ZIMRA, in its quest to improve

service delivery and ultimately bring convenience to

business, has opened revenue accounts with the

following banks:  BancABC, FBC, Kingdom,

Metropolitan, NMB, Premier and Tetrad.

•  Ladies and gentlemen, that this is in addition to the

revenue accounts already  held with CBZ, ZB and

Standard Chartered Bank.

•  Please join me distinguished invited guests, in giving a

huge round of applause to the Zimbabwe Revenue

Authority for opening up lines of smooth partnership

with the taxpayer.

•  Ladies and gentlemen, I  urge ZIMRA to develop a

systematic and deliberate strategy to engage strategic

constituencies in the business community, particularly the

large taxpayers, and focus on sound inter-organisational

relationships in a bid to easily motivate voluntary

cooperation in remitting our country’s dearly needed


•  Let us be motivated to form sound inter-organisational

relationships with the hope to reduce risk and uncertainty

as organisations link up with other players in industry to

improve their material and information resource bases to

effective decision-making and implementation of action


•  Business, let me reiterate, should be urged to remain

geared towards working in close partnership with ZIMRA

for us to unlock our investment potential.

•  ZIMRA, I urge you to continuously scan the environment

under which you are operating  and fight to deal with all

the challenges, especially those raised by the various

stakeholders and clients. Vices like corruption, smuggling,

tax evasion and indifferent attitude towards work should

be dealt with using a zero-tolerance approach.

•  Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make a proposal for

our relationship as business and ZIMRA highlighting  five

characteristics that must influence our performance and

effectiveness in our partnership i.e.

o  compatibility to have the relationship

o  capabilities to bring to the relationship

o  commitment to the relationship

o  allowing control in the relationship and

o  trust in the relationship

•  On that note I trust that  this Stakeholders Breakfast

Meeting will bear fruit as we engage constructively and

strive towards unlocking our investment potential now

and in the future.

I thank you.