taxpayer pix.jpg - 56.75 KbDelta Beverages stole the limelight at the 4th edition of the Taxpayer Appreciation Day commemorations held on 2 October 2015 under the theme “Cultivating a culture of voluntary compliance for economic recovery”.



The colourful ceremony, which was officiated by the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Honourable Dr Joseph Made was attended by Commissioners General from East and Southern Africa, government officials and captains of industry. Countries which were represented at the function include Malawi, Burundi, Lesotho, Tanzania, Swaziland and South Africa.


In his keynote address, Dr Made commended ZIMRA for the crucial role it plays in economic development. “Taxation enables governments to raise the resources they require to deliver essential services and finance their expenditures. The mobilisation of domestic resources and subsequent channelling of these resources to priority development programmes is thus critical in building a prosperous and dignified nation”, said Minister  Made.


ZIMRA Commissioner General Mr Pasi weighed in saying, “Africa has to rely on resources generated locally for it to grow. We are aware that it's a tough call but we are up to the challenge.”


Mr Pasi saluted compliant taxpayers who pay their taxes on time and in full saying this would ensure that they redirect their resources to production, instead of paying penalties. “In the absence of penalties, interest and garnishee orders, business will in turn thrive as operators will be able to channel resources to production.”


As has become the norm, the ZIMRA Choir gave a splendid performance which left the crowd awe-stricken. Most of their songs were encouraging clients to be compliant with tax laws and to shun corruption. Not to be outdone was the ZIMRA poet – Thulani Dube – who gave an exceptional and memorable poem which saluted all the winning compliant companies.


ZIMRA launched its first Taxpayer Appreciation Day on 30 September 2011 in Harare. This day recognises clients who pay their duties and taxes on time and in full with no intervention from ZIMRA. Taxpayer Appreciation Day is commemorated in different ways in some African countries and it has become an annual event for the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

Commissioner General Pasi (right) shakes hands with a compliant taxpayer, while Mrs Betty Katiyo (ZIMRA board member) looks on.