Duly instructed by the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Empire Auctions will conduct a Customs Rummage sale at Nyamapanda Border Post, on Tuesday 31 July 2018 starting at 1000hrs.

View Date: Thursday 30 July 2018 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs


1x Ford transit vehicle, 1 x 1999 Mazda MPV, 1x2002 Ford Ranger pick-up truck.


1 x used Hisense LED TV (broken screen), 17 x printed material (machira), 16 x printed materials (machari 15kg), 17 x machari(19.5kg), 13 sacks x 100 pairs Sandak shoes, 28 sacks x 60 pairs Sandak shoes, 4 x pieces of Zambia material, 9 x wrapping materials, 4770 x basins, 350 x baby tubs, 2360 x plastic plates, 4500 TO2 plates, 6 x packs Waka-Waka soya pieces, 11 x Zambia materials (7kg), 21 x pieces of materials, 14 x Zambia materials ,18 x slippers, 12 x  satchels, 4 x pairs of trousers, 1 shirt, 20 x pieces material (machari), 22 x Zambia materials, 217 x pairs slippers, 170 x pairs plastic shoes, 4 x door frames, 120 x soya Waka Waka pieces, 3 x 2 plate charcoal stove, 1x1 plate charcoal stove, 26 x Zambia materials, 6 x machari.

Conditions of sale:

  • A refundable deposit of $2,000 for vehicles and $500 for goods is required to obtain a buyers card.
  • Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.
  • Payment is strictly cash, transfer, swipe at the conclusion of the sale.

Forthcoming Rummage Sale Dates:

  • Masvingo-16 August 2018
  • Chiredzi-21 August 2018
  • Gweru- 31 August 2018

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