Duly instructed by the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Millenium Auctions will be conducting Customs Rummage Sale at Mutare Customs House as detailed below.

Viewing:                               Tuesday 8 November 2016

Sale Date:                             Wednesday 9 November 2016

Time:                                      1000hrs


Vehicles to be viewed at Mutare Customs House

1 X Mazda B2200, 1 X Toyota Hiace Reg#ACD 7196, 1 X Hino Ranger Reg# ABO 7019, 1 X Hyundai Elantra Reg# ADY8237,


Goods to be viewed at Mutare Customs House

19 x Pairs New Footwear; 5 x Packets Undergarment, 6 x Units of Soap, 12 x Waterglasses, 4 x Kitchen Knives, 4 x 125ml Cologne, 6 x 25ml Cologne, 5 x Sets of Tea Cups; 2 x Water Glasses And 3 x Kitchen Knives, 23 x Pairs of New Footwear, 76 x Pairs New Shoes, 82 x New Shoes  and 8 x Dresses, 60 x Pairs New Shoes, 2 x Boxes of Stick Up Bulbs; 1 x Satchel With 13 Torches; 6 x Locks; 1 Pair of New Shoes; 1 x Satchel With 3 Ropes and 1 x Plastic Bag with  12 New Belts, 12 x 50ml Tins of Shoe Polish, 2 x Hairclippers, 1 x Box of Mosquito Repellent, 12 x Packs of Underwear & 2 x Flasks,  1 x Wireless Ap Router; 2 X Chambers Directories, 6 x Letter Packets With Wrist Watches; 7 x Parcels of Clothing Items; Various Envelopes With Bracelets; Earphones; Ear Studs; a Bottle of Perfume and a CD, 5 x Sacks of New Footwear, 10 x Boxes of 20 x 1kg Cremora & 10 x Boxes of Bela Spaghetti , 75 x Pairs New Shoes,  37 x Boxes Marianna Spaghetti And 71 x Boxes of Bella Spaghetti, 60 x Sets of Waterglasses, 5 x Bela Spaghetti, 47x Bottles of 350ml Fizz Drinks, 37 x 6packs of Dragon Energy Drink; 6x 2litre Iron Brew Soft Drinks,  7 x Blankets; 15 x Cases of Dragon Energy Drinks, 8 X Boxes of Sabao Soap, 24x Hair Moisteriser; 4 x Packets of Spaghetti And 3x Packets of Macaroni, 1x Plastic Bag With 3 Ropes, 10 x Pairs of New Footwear, 1 Sack of Nails,  1 x Box Cremora, 10 x Boxes Greenbrite Soap, 31 x Cases of Baked Beans, 1x Baby Crez,1 x Box Sona Bath Soap, 1 X Pack Diapers, 10 x Boxes of Frimax, 1 x Sack of New Footwear, 7 x Boxes Britewash Soap, 1 x Box Baby Crezy (36x275ml),2 x  Boxes Baby Crez(36 x 500ml), 6 x packs of Diapers, 4 x boxes of Bath Soap,1x Box Lion Matches, 1x Boxflash Gci, 2 x Boxes Britelite Candles, 6 x Cases Fusion Drinks, 14x Cases Baked Beans, 8x Cases Kingsley Drinks, 8x Cases Lolipops, 4 x Cases Dragon, 1 x Box Universal Bicycle, 6 x Small Parcels with Clothing Items; 2 x Small Parcels With Shoes (1 Pair Each); 1 x Shower Head, 9x Envelopes With Biblical Printed Matter; 3 x Boxes With Bibles; 2 x Boxes of Biblical Printed Matter; 1x Envelope With A Bible, 7 x Letter Envelopes With Necklaces; 2 x Letter Envelopes with Beauty Blushes; 2 x Letter Envelopes With Wrist Watches; 19 x Letter Envelopes with Phone Cases, Tempered Glasses & Ear Phones, 8 x Envelopes With CDs (Religious); 4 x Small Boxes With CDs (Religious), 5 x Boxes With Used Books (Magazines & Novels); 27 x Envelopes With Used Books, 124 x Clothing Material(Zambias); 14 x shorts;12 x Shirts;11 x Plastic Shoes,

Goods to be viewed at Forbes Border Post

10 x Sets Waterglass, 1x Set Foodwarmer, 6 x Sets Dinner Plates, 1 x Flask, 1X Wheelbarrow, 100 x Cartons Shoe Polish, 1 x Blanket, 15 x Soft Dreads, 10 x Braids, 4 x Short Weave, 10 x Long Weave (Navi), 5 x 50kg Bags Cement, 4 x 50kg Bags Cement, 3 x Bales of used Clothing (134.3kg), 3 x Bales of used Clothing (134.3kg), 100 x New Tyres, Size 235/75 R17, 1x Bale of Used Jackets(42.70kg), 2 x Bales of Used Clothing (92kgs), 1 x 25kg Rice, 1 x 20litres Cooking Oil, 1 x 10litres Cooking Oil, 1 x Bale of Used Clothing (40.1kgs)


Conditions of Sale

Refundable deposit of US$500 on Goods and US$2000 on Motor Vehicles is required to obtain a buyer’s card and is refundable if all sale conditions are met.


Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.


Forth coming Rummage Auction Sales

  1. Chiredzi                     18 November 2016
  2. Chirundu                   25 November 2016


For more information, please contact the Auctioneers at No. 6. St. Georges Road, Ardbennie, Harare.


Cell: 0772 288 418, 0731 288 418, 0772 686 858, 0775 639 706, 04-620550