Most taxpayers face challenges in resetting their passwords for e-services on ZIMRA portal. Detailed below are steps to follows. Kindly use the following Forgot/ Reset Password procedure and check for the default password in inbox or trash/junk folder:

Visit the ZIMRA portal page on internet by typing on the internet browser and log-in to ZIMRA e-Services Portal

  1. Click on the “Forget Password” option, forgotten Password screen will come up
  2. Enter your email and Captcha (code for the image)
  3. Click on “Submit” and the security question which you provided on registration screen will come
  4. Enter the correct answer to the security question which you provided on registration and click on “Submit”
  5. A default password will be sent to the email stated on initial application,
  6. Use the default password to log in and you will be prompted to change the default password
  7. NB: Kindly note that when entering the default password:
    •   highlight it with the mouse (no spaces before or after)
    •    right click it,
    •    copy,
    •   go to the password field,
    •   right click and
    •    paste

8.     Enter the default password as your current password

9      Enter your new password and confirm it.


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