Did you know that any person who wishes to import or export Ozone depleting substance (ODS) and greenhouse gases dependent equipment (GHG) is required to apply to Ozone Office for a license? This is provided for in terms of statutory instrument 131 of 2016.

What are ODS and GHG?

“ODS – products or equipment consisting of ozone depleting substance, including equipment whose continuous functioning relies on the use of ozone depleting substances.”

“Ozone depleting substance – any chemical substance which destroys the ozone layer.”

GHG –products or equipment consisting of greenhouse gases, including equipment whose continuous functioning relies on the use of greenhouse gases.”

“Greenhouse gas – any chemical which contributes to global warming.

Examples of ODS and GHG Dependent Equipment as listed in the Fifth schedule of SI 131 of 2016

  • Automobile and truck air-conditioning units, whether incorporated in vehicles or not.
  • Domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning/heat pump equipment such as:
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers and ice machines.
    • Water coolers and gas liquefying units.
    • Air conditioning and heat pump units.
  • Portable fire extinguishers.
  • Household or laundry type washing machines
  • Dry cleaning machines.

Who is supposed to apply for the import or export license?

All private and public industrial and commercial importers, exporters, producers and consumers of ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substance and greenhouse gas dependent equipment.

The application is done prior to importation or exportation of the ODS and GHG.

The license shall be valid for period of one year and not to be transferable to another person.

The application is directed to who?


An application for a license to import or export ODS and GHG is directed to the Ozone Office, which is the National Ozone Office established by the Ministry responsible for Environment, Water and Climate;

National Ozone Unit

Climate Change Management Department

Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate & Rural Resettlement

11th Floor Kaguvi Building

Corner S. V. Muzenda Street/Central Avenue

  1. Bag 7753





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