In a bid to enhance trade facilitation, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) introduced the Quota Management System. The Quota management system was done to improve the marking off of permits and licenses. Import quotas control the amount or volume of commodities that can be imported into the country during a specified period whereas export quotas control the amount of goods or volumes that can be exported out of the country.

As a customs administrative organ, ZIMRA controls the importation or exportation of controlled or restricted goods. The controlled goods are imported or exported under licenses or permits issued by various regulatory bodies such as Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, National Biotech Authority etc.

It is the duty of ZIMRA to effectively, efficiently, correctly and conveniently mark off these permits/ licenses at the time of importation or exportation. The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority launched the use of the quota management system in June 2020 in the ASYCUDA world system.

In order for the Quota management system to be fully functional, clearing agents and importers should be educated.

How does quota management work?

  • Importer should obtain a permit or license from the responsible authority
  • The agent submits the permit/ license to ZIMRA before registration of the bill of entry
  • Then ZIMRA goes on to create a quota code for the relevant permit /license and gives it to the agent for use on all bills of entries that relate to the permit
  • The quota code should be quoted on the Bill of entry on box 39 for every importation or exportation and the system automatically mark offs the quantities from the permits/ license

Obligations of Importers/agents

Ø  To submit permits / licenses before registration of the bill of entry

Ø  To supply the correct commodity code of the goods being imported/exported

Ø  The agent to quote the correct quota code in box 39 of the bill of entry

What are the advantages of Quota Management?

Ø  Reduces costs of sending permits from one customs house to another

Ø  Reduces unnecessary physical contact in this era of the Coronavirus

Ø  Once a quota code is created there is no need for regular submission of the original permit

Ø  in the event that the original permit/ license is lost, mark off can still be done using the quota code

Ø  It speeds up the clearance process

Ø  Maintains updated balances as the system accurately deducts quantities

Ø  The quota code can be used to clear goods at any port of entry or exit for the same importer without any challenges

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