Favoured with instruction from the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Millenium Auctions will be conducting a Customs Rummage Sale at Nyamapanda Border Post.

Viewing: Tuesday 6 December 2016

Sale Date: Wednesday 7 December 2016

Time: 1000hrs


Motor Bikes

Lifan motor bike, motor bike, Zonk motor bike, Jekklin motor cycle, Rush motor bike, motor bike.


7 Zambia material, 10 x material ( machari), 4 pieces material, 9kg new clothes,  99 plastic pairs of shoes, 87.5kg sweaters, 15kg shorts (new), 56kg shorts, 65 pairs plastic shoes, 16 pairs slippers, 144 pairs plastic shoes, 200 pairs slippers, 56 pairs sandak shoes, 196 pairs plastic shoes, 6.5kg new pants, 23x Zambia materials, 23x Zambia materials, 10 x Zambia materials, 26 pairs tennis shoes, 300 pairs kids tennis shoes, 6xwrapping materials, 10x1mm iron bars, 7 x Zambia materials, 5x Kwasakwasa materials, 10 machari; 8 x Zambia materials, 1x hunter bicycle, 2x bags charcoal, 6x pieces Zambia materials, 11x pieces Kwasakwasa materials, 329 pairs plastic shoes; 3x pairs tennis shoes; 28 pairs rafters, 12 pairs slippers, 2,5 litres Soft ‘n’ Free, 27 pairs ladies shoes, 27 pairs plastic shoes, 60 pieces braids, 7 x  Zambia materials, 1321 ladies tops; 390 t-shirts; 1224 women’s pants, 24 jean skirts, 264 towels, 18 pieces printed materials, 4 men’s suits, 1600 pairs plastic shoes, 10 x new shorts, 10 x new shirts, 18 dozens ladies pants, 12 dozens ladies trips, 12 ladies skirts, 12 boys suits.

Conditions of Sale

Refundable deposit of US$500 on goods and US$2,000 on motor vehicles is required to obtain a buyer’s card and is refundable if all sale conditions are met.

Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at US$20 per head.

Forthcoming Rummage Auction Sale

Gweru:  6 January 2017

For more information, please contact the Auctioneers at No. 6. St. Georges Road, Ardbennie, Harare.

Cell: 0772 288 418, 0731 288 418, 0772 686 858, 0775 639 706, 04-620550