img_8692.jpg website.jpg - 69.84 KbA Chinese delegation from the State Administration of Tax led by Commissioner General Mr Li Jun was in the country recently to finalise the double taxation agreement between Zimbabwe and China.



Other high ranking officials who accompanied Mr Jun included the Deputy Principal Director of International Taxation, Mrs Wang Xiaoyue; Secretary to the Commissioner General, Mr Chen Jun Feng; Head of International Taxation; Miss Xiong Yan; and officials from the Chinese embassy.


In his welcome remarks, Commissioner General Pasi thanked his counterpart Mr Jun for the visit to Zimbabwe saying the initialisation of the double taxation agreement would enhance business between Zimbabwe and China. He also chronicled the process that had culminated into the signing of this crucial agreement between the two countries.


“We are happy that today we are finalising the double taxation agreement. It had taken us a long time as we negotiated, but we are happy that we have come to be where we are today. We foresee improved trade and co-operation between our countries as a result of the signing of this agreement,” said Mr Pasi.


The ZIMRA Commissioner General expressed his desire to see improved co-operation between the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and China’s State Administration of Tax.


Speaking at the same ceremony through an interpreter, Mr Jun expressed his appreciation at the work done in ensuring the finalisation of the double taxation agreement.

“In Chinese, we have a proverb which says it takes a long time to brew good wine. So it has taken us a long time to come up with this agreement which I am sure is good for us all,” he said.


He also expressed great appreciation of Zimbabwe’s hospitality saying he was humbled by the reception he had received. Soon after the speeches, the two Commissioners General signed and exchanged documents of the double taxation agreement.


Zimbabwe and China enjoy cordial relations. In 2013, China donated three relocatable scanners worth over $10 million. China, through a number of agencies, is playing a central role in the modernisation thrust that the Authority has embarked on.