website rev.jpg - 83.22 KbCommissioner General (CG) Pasi took time off his busy schedule to meet the new crop of revenue trainees at the ZIMRA Training Centre.



During his keynote speech, the CG implored the revenue trainees to be open-minded and learn new things during their two-year training period.

“You have your degrees and it’s a fact that you have learnt something in the past. But now, you have an opportunity to start afresh and learn something new. You need to constantly improve yourselves,” said Mr Pasi.


Turning to issue of good personal behaviour, the Commissioner General called upon female trainees to avoid getting into traps of abuse. “The fact that you are here as a revenue trainee shows that you owe nobody anything. So be confident and always avoid people who will come out to take advantage of you as girls,” said Mr Pasi.


He also called upon male revenue trainees to desist from alcohol abuse, saying this was the time to start saving money. “We want to inculcate a culture of saving, for nothing must stop you from beginning to save little by little.”


The Commissioner General concluded his meeting by giving various presents to some of the revenue trainees who had made a contribution during the proceedings of the meeting. Some walked away with custom- made parker pens, while others received copies of the book of inspirational messages.

Commissioner General Pasi shares a lighter moment with one of the Revenue Trainees