Duly instructed by the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), Empire Auctions will conduct a Customs Rummage Sale for Chirundu and Kariba at Chirundu Border Post, on Saturday 8 September 2018 starting at 1000hrs.


1*1997 Subaru Forester, 1*2001 Toyota Raum, 01* 2008 Nissan Vanette, 1*Mazda 6, 1*2008 Toyota Wish, 1*2007 BMW 3 series.


1* green Canoe, 1* maroon Canoe, 2*bundles empty bags, 26*kgs clothing, 370*pairs Tennis footwear, 400*latex surgical gloves, 39* boxes of cigarettes, 245 x bricks Pacific Blue (10*20),8 x units Pacific Blue, 21*boys & girls plastic shoes, 20*men’s plastic sandals, 22*ladies plastic sandals, 6.3kgs clothing, 1 box counter books (18.5kg) 6*500mls Fair and White, 5*60mls cleanser and toner, 6*30mls Fair and White, 6*Argan oil, 3*12 eye brown pencil, 4* tamarind and goat milk soap, 15*Beauty Care face out, 6*Tamarind soap Asante, 12*122ml Addiction perfume, 9*30g Kiss Beauty face powder, 14*122ml Addiction perfume, 02*122ml Manforce perfume,1*black satchel (10*plastic sandals @ $1each), 3*pairs tennis shoes, 5*pairs kids Tennis, 7*pairs slippers, 9.6kgs new clothing, 1*plastic mat, 1*food net, 43.8kgs clothing,17.7kg clothing,1*23.9kgs new clothing, 357* wrist watches, 2*Java material, 10*kgs new clothing, 1*Java material, 1*pair slippers, 20*knitting wool,196 kgs new clothing, 25*units display racks, 33*kids plastic sandals, 36*ladies plastic sandals, 6*adult Tennis shoes, 5*kids Tennis shoes, 16.5kgs new clothing, 13.4kgs new panties, 240*5. 48meters materials, 47*12 baby napkins (58.1kgs) 73*10.96metres Java material, 4.2kgs Zambia material, 1048 pairs of Tennis shoes, 290*12yards Java materials, 150*10.972m Java material, 15kgs new clothing, 224 gang switches, 10 taps, 10 toilet pans, 5 mixers2*new tyres size 15, 21 boxes *50*10*20's Pacific Blue cigarettes                           20 boxes *25*10*20's Chelsea menthol cigarettes,12kgs shawls, 40 pairs footwear, 4.5kgs new clothing, 21 pairs plastic sandals,16kgs new clothing, 15 pairs ladies pumps, 2*pairs ladies shoes, 19*pairs sandals14.8kgs new panties, 10*pairs ladies shoes, 5*pairs ladies sandals, 24*pairs ladies footwear (pushes),16*Java material, 4.8kgs new clothing, 2kgs shawls, 3*5.48metres Java material, 7*pairs footwear, 4*boxes needles,16*5.48 metres Java material, 42*pairs new shoes, 10.2kgs new clothing, 31kgs new clothing,11*5.486m Java material, 7* leather belts, 10* pairs rafters, 38* pairs ladies shoes, 68 pairs pre-school girls shoes,110 pairs ladies sandals,139 pairs ladies pumps, 47 pairs men's tennis shoes, 2* pairs men's tan boots, 1025kg new clothing, 107*10.97m Java material,12*10.96m Java material, 2.6kgs clothing, 2.2kgs Zambia material, 4*pairs sandals, assorted motor cycle spares, 1*used Nissan Vanette engine, 5kgs new clothing, 20*pairs footwear, foam rubber mattress, 10*packets Doremi braids, 15*packets braids, 1*mattress,1*mattress, 4*pvc pipes, 1*2 plate stove, 246 kgs new clothing, 3*baby dishes, 5 *fishing nets, 12*boxes cigarettes.


Friday 7 September 2018 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs.


A refundable deposit of $2,000 for vehicles and$500 for goods is required to obtain a buyer’s card. Entry is strictly to catalogue holders only at $20 per head.


Payment is strictly cash, transfer, swipe at the conclusion of the sale.

Forthcoming Rummage Sale Dates:

Chiredzi-19 September 2018

Mutare-26 September 2018

Nyamapanda-5 October 2018

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