ivordale.jpg - 32.95 KbThis year Ivordale Celebrated Children’s Home got an early Christmas from Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s Human Resource and Administration Division.  The home, which is run by Celebration Ministries, was adopted by ZIMRA as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

At a commissioning function held at the home on December 2, 2011, the ZIMRA Commissioner General, Mr Gershem Pasi, who was the guest of honour, said that ZIMRA was proud to be associated with the home. He commended Celebration Ministries for taking care of the children as they are the nation’s future leaders.

Mr Pasi also thanked individuals from ZIMRA’s Human Resource and Administration Division who made the donations for the benefit of Ivordale Celebrated Children’s Home, affectionately known as “Shelter” by its community. The donated items included three four plate stoves, a refrigerator, a colour television set, nine Kango pots, 10 big dishes, two big teapots and cutlery.

Speaking at the same occasion, Pastor Tom Deuschle, founder of Celebration Ministries, thanked ZIMRA for consistently remembering the children at Ivordale. ZIMRA has previously donated a greenhouse to Ivordale in line with its corporate social responsibility programme aimed at ensuring sustainable development.