The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has introduced a new uniform for all its management and staff members. In an effort to enhance its brand identification, ZIMRA’s uniform will take on a new look on January 17, 2011 in line with the latest international customs and taxes administration corporate wear. The new uniform exhibits professionalism that also compounds with authoritative aesthetics. The new uniform is in three different categories; Customs, Taxes and uniform for staff supporting the technical divisions.


Customs Uniform

The Customs uniform comprises three major ranges. There is a set of grey suit for the ladies, which consists of a short grey skirt, a long grey skirt and a white long sleeved shirt including a grey jacket. The uniform for male staff comprises of a long sleeved white shirt, grey trousers and a grey jacket. The suit is worn with a blue tie to complete the set. The Customs uniform has epaulets which are ranked from trainee to regional manager. A trainee has a blank epaulet; a revenue specialist has one bar on the epaulet; a supervisor has two bars; while a station manager has three bars. A shift manager epaulet has a V while that of the regional manager has two Vs vertically aligned.

Taxes Uniform

The Taxes uniform is similar to Customs in colour. The ladies wear a range of long and short grey skirts with a long sleeved white shirt. The uniform for male staff is a grey suit with a white long sleeved shirt and a blue tie.

Staff Supporting Technical Services

The uniform for staff supporting technical services is dominantly navy blue in colour. The ladies will wear a navy blue short, long skirt and a navy blue slacks with a sky blue long and short sleeved shirt. Gentlemen will wear a navy blue suit with a sky blue shirt and a blue tie.

Senior Manager’s Uniform

The senior manager’s uniform is similar to that of the staff supporting technical services except in a few respects.

Uniform Accessories

 The new attire comes with new components that are not available in the current uniform. The range boasts of a sports kit comprising a track suit and golf shirt uniquely designed with the ZIMRA corporate colours and branded with the ZIMRA logo. Officers at the border posts will be allocated a unique all weather uniform complete with a pair of safety boots and a branded rain coat.

These modern designs offer functional wearability that can easily go from day-to-day in the office.

The uniform rebranding process was initiated through a thorough process of screening through various clothing manufactures to finally get the best to engage to produce the outstanding uniforms. The uniforms sailed through intensive quality checks and are currently being distributed to all ZIMRA stations nationwide to ensure that every staff member will be clad in the new attire on January 17, 2011.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has embarked on a massive publicity drive to showcase the new uniform. Take a look below for a visual of the new ZIMRA look.