The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has moved a gear up in ensuring that relevant and accurate information pertaining to Customs and Taxes is readily available to its clients. This is part of the Authority’s quest to fully achieve its vision of becoming a beacon of excellence in the provision of fiscal services by making it easier and more convenient for clients to abide by revenue laws.

Lately, ZIMRA has compiled and circulated a detailed schedule indicating due dates for remittances under various tax heads for the entire year (2011). This move is meant to inform the Authority’s valued clients about important dates in order to promote voluntary compliance and avoiding unnecessary penalties and interest due to late submission of returns and/or remittance of tax or duty.                                                                               

The tax payment calendar,  which is  found under the taxes link on the ZIMRA website, highlights mainly due dates under the following heads; Value Added Tax (VAT), Pay as You Earn (PAYE), Withholding Taxes, Directors’ Fees, Presumptive Tax, Corporate Tax, among others. This informative calendar has been posted on the Authority’s website and is being circulated to all clients on the mailing list.               

ZIMRA uses various strategies to disseminate information to its clients. These include participation at exhibitions, print and electronic advertising, pamphlets, seminars and workshops, as well as publishing articles such as the weekly “Did You Know” column. In a survey that was carried out in November last year, respondents hailed ZIMRA’s website and initiatives to reach out to clients as a panacea to problems of non-compliance with revenue regulations.