Commissioner General’s Statement

According to the WCO Integrity Development Guide, the following facilitate corruption:

  • Customs employees having monopoly power of clients
  • Customs employees having discretionary power over the provision of services
  • Level of control or accountability within the Customs organization may be low
  • Poor remuneration
  • Customs employees often work in remote and largely unsupervised border stations
  • Clearance of time of sensitive/perishable commodities create additional opportunity/incentive to circumvent Customs procedures and formalities
  • Customs employees enforce a large range of complex legislative regulations – easier/cheaper to pay a bribe than comply

The Authority has not been spared by the above corruption push factors. As a result, the Authority has put in place integrity management mechanisms focusing on eliminating corruption. The Authority is targeting corruption as this vice continue to rear its ugly head on our staff members. We have lost a big number of staff to corruption and this cannot be allowed to continue. Year to date, Zimra has placed thirty-six (36) Officers on suspension pending disciplinary processes. Four resigned to avoid disciplinary processes on corruption allegation. Integrity management therefore becomes everybody’s business and I call upon everyone to come out of the shell and take part in the fight against corruption.



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Lifestyle Audits


Properties Seized


Anti-Corruption Events

  • Zimra was invited to make a presentation to the incoming new Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Commissioners. Loss control represented Zimra and the presentation was aired on radio and ZBC TV. Follow the link for the full story.

  Zimra Officials Arrested for Corruption Since 2018

  • Loss Control was invited for the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Strategy consultative workshop. Loss Control represented Zimra and made a presentation on how best to corroborate with ZACC and Zimra expectations
  • Loss Control made a presentation to the Authority’s secretaries in Matobo. The presentation covered life audits and the role of the division in aiding the secretaries’ work. The division also took advantage of the occasion to showcase its rebranding strategy.


Corruption Hot News

A crack down on staff corrupt activities resulted in two Beitbridge officers Kennedy Nyathoti and Henry Phiri resigned in a huff. The two thought they had outwitted the authority but immediately found themselves facing the music even after resigning. They have been hauled before the courts and the court cases are in progress. One of the corruption cases is covered in the link below.

In another corruption case, intelligence was picked to the effect that  Learnmore Nyamudzanga, a revenue officer based at Kurima Domestic Taxes was demanding a bribe of ZWL75000.00 or USD8000.00 in order for him to reverse penalty and interest on a client’s Zimra account. A trap was set at Learnmore Nyamudzanga was caught red handed receiving the trap money. He was immediately arrested and appeared in court for initial remand. He resigned immediately and is currently on remand.

Cases that hit headlines in the fight against corruption are covered in the following links


Integrity Management Committee

The Authority is calling for all divisions to actively participate in decisively eliminating corruption. The Authority drafted and integrity action plan which spell divisional responsibilities in dealing with corruption. The Integrity Action Plan will be implemented through the integrity committee. The authority is currently vetting the committee members, those successful will be notified and their names published to staff. The committee will in the fourth quarter start visiting corruption hot spots within the authority conduction corruption risks assessments. This exercise simply identifies area areas vulnerable to corruption risk and coming up with measures to reduce the vulnerability levels. The next phase will be drafting the recommendations implementation plan. The integrity committee will superintend the implementation and monitoring phases.

In conducting a corruption risk assessment, the integrity committee will seek to know:

  • What is the impact (internal and external) if something does happen?
  • What is the likelihood of corruption within the organisation’s departments?
  • What can go wrong?
  • What are the risk areas within Zimra?


Hotline Contacts

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