This document outlines and explains the treatment of leased, loaned and hired goods for customs valuation.

Goods imported under a lease or hire contract into Zimbabwe do not constitute a sale. Duty, however, has to be levied based on a value which is the total of rentals; hire or lease charges paid or payable for the period of use in Zimbabwe plus freight and insurance of the whole consignment to the place of importation in Zimbabwe.

For example, if the charge for a 48-month contract is $1,000 per month, the customs value will be $48,000. Should the rental include a charge for any function, e.g. erection and maintenance, to be undertaken by the importer, the customs value must not include such charge.

To ensure that the goods are exported on due date, a temporary deposit, which is refundable on export or an ATIP (Application for Temporary Importation Privileges) which is guaranteed by a bank or insurance has to be lodged pending final re-export.

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Valuation manual:

Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02]