• There is need to notify ZIMRA so that de - registration procedures are duly completed This includes payment of all taxes due and submission of all tax returns. ZIMRA may also undertake a deregistration audit. If the business was fiscalised, ZIMRA will need to deregister the fiscal machines

    The company is only deregistered from the ZIMRA system after confirmation from the Registrar of companies that the company has been struck off the Companies register.

  • Where no issues have been noted after risk profiling in respect of the refund ZIMRA is supposed to make a VAT refund within 30 days from date of submission of the return.

  • You would need to print the error message and visit our E-services desk and get assistance.

    If error message is not available simply, submit the tax returns at the nearest ZIMRA office.

  • Yes every trade in business is still required to register and pay the relevant taxes like Income Tax, VAT, PAYE and withholding taxes.

  • This forecast should be based on your business trends including the macro – economic and environmental factors and the nature of one’s business. The most recent sales figures sometimes provide a reasonable basis for estimating the income for the year.