• A tax clearance certificate is issued to a tax payer that is tax compliant or up to date with their tax obligations.

    Registration with ZIMRA can be done online and below are the steps to follow for online  registration:

    Step 1:

    • Type the address http://efiling.zimra.co.zw  on your internet browser
    •   Click Register and complete the details of the company on the form provided
    •   Ensure that you provide the attachments as required therein
    •   Click on “Submit” and a message will be immediately sent to your e-mail address§  Open the message in your e-mail and click on the URL in order to complete the registration process.

    Step 2

    •   Type the address http://efiling.zimra.co.zw on the internet browser
    •   Click Login and enter your login details. Select the heading “I do not have a Business Partner Number” and Complete all the required information and submit the application
  • After registration logon to the ZIMRA e services portal and  apply for a tax clearance by following the procedure below:

    • Click on “MANAGE SERVICES” and select “SUBMISSIONS”
    • Select “General Tax Clearance” and Click on “Submit”
    • Go to “My History”, select “My Submissions” and check status
    • If status says “Committed”, click on “View Document” and print the tax clearance.
    • If the status says “Failed” then contact ZIMRA office for assistance.
  • It is an obligation for every income generating business to be registered with ZIMRA and have a tax clearance as an indication that their tax affairs are up to date. Banks are obliged to ask their clients for any documents they need including the Tax Clearance certificate.

  • Advise the person that they are supposed to issue you with a withholding tax certificate to enable you to have proof of the withholding tax. If the person is not sure ask them to consult ZIMRA for clarification.

  • On or before the 10th of the month following that in which the payment was made