• Application for VAT registration can be done online using the E-services portal. Confirmation of registration (issuance of a VAT number) can only be done after ZIMRA has verified certain information contained in the application.

    A fully  completed form REV 1  form which  can be downloaded from the ZIMRA website (www.zimra.co.zw)

    In the case of a company the following documents should be attached:

    1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
    2. CR14; CR6;
    3. Stamped current bank statement;
    4. Certified Copy of Memorandum of Association (1st three pages plus the last page)
    5. Certified Copy of Articles of Association (1st three pages plus the last page)
    6. The following Documents for at least 2 Directors
    • Certified Copy of ID
    • Certified Copies of proof of residence in the form of utility bills or supported with an affidavit if the proof is not in the director’s name.
    • 7. Letter appointing Public Officer and confirmation that the person has got signing powers to the bank account.


    1. For Individuals:
    • Stamped current bank statement;
    • Copy of ID;
    • Copy of proof of residence in the form of utility bills, supported with affidavit if not in the trader’s name.


    Upon registration, every registered operator will be issued with a VAT number and advised of the VAT category.

    • complete and submit VAT  returns as per requirement
    • calculate and remit the correct VAT due to the Commissioner General of ZIMRA on or before the due date
    • issue tax/fiscal  invoices, debit notes or credit notes
    • Account for VAT if one sells or retains stock or assets.
    • Advise the Commissioner General of any changes in business details or when one ceases trade.
    • keep accounting records for at least six years after the tax period to which they relate
    • Acquire fiscal devices and fiscalise operations.
  • The VAT category is provided in the registration confirmation letter. If this letter is not received within……days of registration please approach the ZIMRA office where the application was submitted. The current VAT categories are as follows:

    Category A & B  returns  and tax due are submitted/paid  bi-monthly

    Category C  returns and tax due are submitted /paid monthly

    Category D tax period for special business allocated by the Commissioner.

  • A non-registered trader is not supposed to charge VAT, if they do so you can report to ZIMRA through hotline numbers or visit to any nearest office.

  • The percentage charged as Capital Gains Tax for selling your asset depends on when you bought or built the house or acquired the asset which you intend to sell.

    1. If you acquired an asset before 1 February 2009, Capital Gains Tax is charged at 5% of the gross capital amount (selling price) on immovable property and unlisted securities and 1% on listed   Of the house.


    1. If you acquired an asset bought or built the house on or after 1 February 2009, Capital Gains Tax shall be 20% of the capital gain on immovable property and 5% on marketable  securities


    NB: capital gain is selling price less costs known as allowable deductions.

    Examples of allowable deductions are:

    • cost of acquisition or construction of the house
    • cost of improvements, additions and alterations to the house
    • selling expenses of the house
    • an inflation allowance of 2.5% per annum on costs which will be proportioned to the period applicable.


    The costs should have relevant paperwork to prove that they were incurred by the seller.