Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Beitbridge office recently donated an assortment of school uniforms and stationery to Lutumba Primary School, which brightened the day for the beneficiaries.

Led by Mrs Winfield Chiyangwa, the Shift Manager, Mr Bosswell Pasinawako, the Acting Human Capital Manager, and other staff members, Ms Monalisa Tsingo, and Mr Bright Mugadza, visited the school situated in the deep rural area of Beitbridge.

They were welcomed by school authorities, including the school head, Mrs. Ncube, and a gathering of excited parents and guardians. Children from underprivileged families were prioritised on the issuing of uniforms of which it is a basic necessity for school going children. It was not long before they all togged up in brand new uniforms provided.

Mrs Ncube expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the ZIMRA team for their generosity and concern for the welfare of the marginalised pupils at Lutumba Primary.

"This wonderful gesture from ZIMRA staff means so much to us," she said, her eyes brimming with joy. "It will go a long way in ensuring that our students have the tools they need to succeed in their studies."

The ZIMRA Social Responsibility Team played a pivotal role in organising this donation, and they expressed their gratitude to the ZIMRA Beitbridge staff and management for their continued support.

"Without their financial assistance, this gesture would have remained a dream," said Mrs Chiyangwa.

One mother at the event remarked, "This is truly a blessing. We have been struggling to provide our children with the necessary school supplies and now, thanks to ZIMRA, our worries have been alleviated."

The parents were thrilled with the generous donation of the new uniforms and shoes and were full of praise for ZIMRA.

The ZIMRA team promised to reach out again for further support to fund school fees and winter jerseys, during the cold season.

This act of kindness by the ZIMRA Beitbridge staff has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the lives of the pupils at Lutumba Primary School, reminding us all of the power of community collaboration and the transformative effect of a simple act of generosity.