The ZIMRA Change Management programme started full throttle with a high-level workshop, which took place at a hotel in Juliusdale from 20 October to 24 October 2019.

Among those who attended the workshop were the ZIMRA Director of Strategy Mr Joey Shumbamhini, the ZIMRA Change Management Programme Chairperson Mr Batsirai Chadzingwa, and a whole host of managers from different divisions and Regions. This team has been selected as the lead agents of the ZIMRA Change Management, which is expected to breathe fresh air in the way that the Authority conducts its business.

The ZIMRA Change Management has ten main objectives, which include elimination of fear and foster innovation within the Authority. The other main objective is to eliminate silos and foster a culture of teamwork within ZIMRA. Another major objective of the change management programme is to increase staff and client satisfaction and to strengthen the ZIMRA image through a robust rebranding exercise.

“As an organisation, we are basically changing so that we achieve our strategic goals as enunciated in our five year strategic plan. As ZIMRA, we are changing three things, mainly the organisation, the people the processes and systems,” said Mr Joey Shumbamhini, the Director of Research and Strategy in the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. 

Mr Shumbamhini highlighted that some of the major take aways from last week’s workshop included lack of effective communication among divisions, low staff morale, culture of fear within the Authority and a general lack of trust among ZIMRA personnel.

“To this effect, change management is coming in to correct and rectify some of these glaring shortcomings which have a potential to undermine the successful execution of our mandate as an organisation,” said Mr Shumbamhini.

ZIMRA is embarking on a robust change management programme, which shall see a drastic transformation of the way the Authority conducts its business. The change management programme is part of the Authority’s 5-year strategy, which runs from 2019 to 2023.  


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Teams conduct building exercises

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Attendees follow proceedings as the consultant during the Change Management Workshop