What is Business Partner Master Data?

A business partner master data stores information related to the taxpayer such as name, physical address, identification number, bank account details, industry classification, Public Officer and email address. Master data provides valuable information necessary to identify the taxpayer in all aspects, to enable effective communication in administration of tax legislation.

What is data integrity?

Data integrity refers to the correctness, accurateness and completeness of data at any given moment. Henceforth, maintaining data integrity becomes a core focus of the Authority.

Who is responsible for updating the business partner master data?

A taxpayer has an obligation to notify the Authority of any changes to information previously given and providing missing information on the master data. On the other hand, ZIMRA has an obligation of notifying taxpayers on the state of their master data and to request submission of the missing information by the taxpayer.

Why is it necessary to update the master data and to provide correct information?

  • Low administrative costs
  • Tax Clearance (ITF 263) can only be emailed to valid email addresses of compliant clients
  • Engagements and other queries are attended to with much ease.
  • Less time is taken to complete compliance checks and audits.
  • Tax updates, invitations to attend workshop and Public Notices are received by taxpayers on time.
  • VAT refunds payments are made on time.

When is it due?

Master data update is an ongoing process; clients are encouraged to complete REV 2, which is found on ZIMRA website:  https://www.zimra.co.zw/, and make necessary changes and updates pertaining to the taxpayer and send the completed REV 2 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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