The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) advises all Taxpayers that migration of taxpayer master data to the New Tax and Revenue Management System (TaRMS) is now functional and open to the public for registration only. Taxpayers that have not yet registered in the new system should do so without further delay.

As advised in previous public notices regarding the new Tax and Revenue Management System, taxpayers are further advised as follows;

  1. Tax Clearances - Taxpayers Requesting for Issuance of Tax Clearance Certificates
    1. Where a taxpayer has an existing BP number, the tax clearance is accessed through E-Services.
    2. Where the taxpayer does not have a BP number in TRM but has a TIN in TaRMS, the taxpayer should complete a REV1 and be registered in the old system for the purpose of issuing tax clearance certificates only.
    3. The validity period for tax clearance certificates issuance will not exceed 31 December 2023 for all taxpayers.
    4. Full year Tax Clearance will be issued in TaRMS to only TaRMS registered Taxpayers, so do not be left out. Move with the times.
    5. The same clients who are VAT registered operators should be compliant with Fiscalisation Data Management System (FDMS) to receive a Tax Clearance.
  1. Filing of Tax Returns and Payments –Old System

Filing of Tax Returns and payment of taxes has been extended in the old system through e-taxes and e-Services platforms from 28 October 2023 to allow for uploading of outstanding returns and payments of taxes in the old system to 27 November 2023.

  1. Existing Taxpayer (Taxpayers with BP Numbers)
  1. Existing Taxpayers can access their TIN through the self-service portal by using their current BP Number.
  2. All Taxpayers are expected to, and can now create their user accounts on the Self-Service-Portal (SSP).
  1. New Registrations (Taxpayers without BP Numbers)
    1. New Taxpayer Registration is now possible and open to the public in TaRMS.
    2. New Taxpayers will be allocated a TIN upon registration through the Self Service Portal (SSP). NO NEW REGISTRATIONS SHALL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THE OLD e-SERVICES platform.
    3. There shall be NO Manual taxpayer registrations from now onwards.



  1. To get started, follow the instructions below:
  1. Visit the official Self Service Portal – SSP at
  2. Create an SSP user account by clicking on the "Sign Up" hyperlink and follow the steps to get your Username and Password.
  3. Log into the system using your username and password and follow the steps as directed.
  4. If you are an existing taxpayer, click on the "Register with an Existing BP Number" hyperlink and follow the instructions.
  5. If you are a new taxpayer, choose the appropriate option from “Register as an Individual” or “Register as an Organisation” or “Register as a Representative of a Deceased Taxpayer” and follow the steps.
  6. Select your preferred bank to link to the ZIMRA Single Account located in that bank. Note that, you should be an account holder in that bank to facilitate tax transactions.
  1. Taxpayers who need physical assistance on TaRMS registration can utilise the ZIMRA Self Service kiosks at every ZIMRA station. For more information on Kiosks; please see contact centre details below. Kiosks will now be open from 8.00am to 8.00pm to assist all Taxpayers who need assistance in registration


ZIMRA would like to appreciate all Taxpayers and the Public for their patience with the Authority during this transitional period. All Taxpayers are encouraged to contact their nearest ZIMRA Offices should they face challenges or get in touch with the ZIMRA Contact Center on the details provided below.